What's in the post? Royal Mail sales and strikes

Two important items were posted today - the Government's Royal Mail sales prospectus and the CWU Union strike ballot.

It's a story with history - a seismic change in Britain's centuries old public service.

It's a story with money - around £3 billion.

And its a got a bit of drama - a race between the Government and the union over crucial timings.

By starting their offer today they coincide with the day the CWU postal union sends out strike ballot papers.

And it means that even if the union members vote for walkouts - they cant happen before the Royal Mail is sold into private hands, to be completed by October 11.


  • Will be sold at between 260p and 330p each
  • Which values this state-owned giant at between £2.6 billion and £3.3 billion
  • Selling up to 70%

The postal service's sale is the biggest UK privatisation since John Major sold off British Rail in the 1990s.

It's already a heady mix of business, politics and history - and this is just day one...imagine what's to come.