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Video: Steve Ballmer's tearful, final Microsoft speech

Ballmer's farewell speech was witnessed by more than 13,000 employees. Photo: PA

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has delivered an emotional goodbye speech to company employees, complete with a soundtrack.

In footage obtained by The Verge, the CEO thanked his staff at "the greatest company in the world" before leaving the stage to music from Dirty Dancing.

Ballmer introduced "Time of My Life" as "a song that looks back retrospectively, and a song that celebrates the future".

He compared Microsoft to "a fourth child" and praised it for helping "people around the world realise their full potential".

The 57-year-old also reportedly danced to Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'".

Since joining Microsoft Ballmer has secured a reputation for his over-the-top personality. Credit: PA

Never short of energy and passion for his work, Ballmer gained particular attention in 2000 when he took to the stage shrieking the four words "I. Love. This. Company."

Since then Ballmer has been the subject of multiple viral videos and has featured in Microsoft's own adverts.

Ballmer has said Microsoft's slowness to expand into mobile was "the thing I regret the most". Credit: PA

Speaking about the company's competitors, Ballmer criticised Apple as "fashionable" and Amazon as "cheap".

But Ballmer has admitted he regrets how slow Microsoft was expanding into the smartphone market.

The firm has not yet announced a replacement.