Find out your odds of winning the new Lotto draw

What are your odds of winning the new Lotto draw?

I've been investigating the new innovation designed to help Lotto return to growth.

It's a raffle - which you will be automatically entered into for every line of the game you play.

However, because it is not a lottery but a raffle - Camelot do not need to declare the odds of winning.

A giant Lotto ball appears to have landed on a London taxi in Covent Garden, London as part of the launch of a new National Lottery. Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire/Press Association Images

I could find nothing to help gauge what our chances are.

After a string of phone calls to experts, players and the game's organisers - I got an answer. It came from helpful staff at Camelot itself.

Based on the average number of entries into current the Lotto game, your chances of winning on the new Lotto draw would be around one in 450,000.

No wonder the company slogan is crossed fingers - good luck.

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