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Bolt from the blue for brave Pride of Britain Award winner Harley

Six-times Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt with Pride of Britain Award winner, Harley Lane. Photo: Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards/PA Wire

Usain Bolt has surprised an eight-year-old boy who lost all four limbs after an infection to tell him he had won a Pride of Britain Award.

The six-times Olympic gold medallist crept up on athletics fan Harley Lane during a shopping trip.

Harley lost his arms and legs following a bout of meningitis that nearly killed him.

The youngster fought back to go to school and recently completed a 1.5km charity run to raise funds for the hospital that saved his life.

He was browsing toys in a London department store with his mother, Samantha, when Bolt appeared and handed him his invitation to Monday's ceremony.

His mother said: "Harley is completely thrilled. He watched the Olympics on television and was so inspired by Bolt.

"He's still taking it all in that he's won. He can't wait for the Awards now."

When Harley, who lives in Stockport, Greater Manchester, contracted bacterial meningitis in May 2009 at the age of three, his heart stopped three times, his whole body turned black and all four limbs had to be amputated to save his life.

Usain Bolt makes the 'Mobot' with Mo Farah at the London Olympics last year. Credit: Adam Davy/PA Wire/Press Association Images

In May this year he completed the 1.5km Bupa Mini Great Manchester Run non-stop and managed to raise more than £1,000 for Manchester's Royal Children's Hospital.

It was the furthest he had ever walked on his new prosthetic limbs, but he was determined to finish.

I'm so proud of you. Well done.

– Usain Bolt

That was amazing.

– Harley