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'Terrified' passenger 'hadn't a clue' how to land plane

The Cessna 172 light aircraft that passenger John Wildey landed. Photo: Richard McCarthy/PA Wire

A passenger who landed a plane after the pilot collapsed at the controls has said he "hadn't a clue how to get down".

John Wildey landed the plane at Humberside Airport in North Lincolnshire on his fourth attempt after being talked through the process by a flight instructor on the ground.

The Cessa 172 light aircraft touched down in the dark with no lights assist him.

Mr Wildey told ITV News that he was "terrified" as he made his descent.

Mr Wildey, who had never flown a plane before, said the pilot was unconscious as he circled the airfield.

Speaking to BBC News, the passenger said he did not think he was going to make it after landing the light aircraft "with a right bump", adding, "I suppose it was a controlled crash really".

ITV News correspondent Damon Green reports:

When Mr Wildey was told the flight instructor that guided him down said he would make a good pilot, he told ITV News, "I doubt it, I was sat there as white as a sheet".

The pilot, who has not been named, has since died.

Flight instructor Roy Murray, who guided Mr Wildey through the process, said he made a "beautiful landing".

A full response was put in place by the airport in conjunction with all the emergency services.

An RAF Sea King helicopter from RAF Leconfield was also brought in to help guide the first-time pilot to the airport and the runway.

The aircraft's owner, Matthew Fox, said Mr Wildey had done "a bloody good job".