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Calls for action after boat capsizes killing 34 migrants

Italy and Malta called for European action to do more to prevent another tragedy, after 34 migrants died after their boat capsized and sank off the island of Sicily on Friday.

Italian and Maltese navy ships recovered 34 bodies and rescued 206 migrants after their boat sank about 60 nautical miles south of Sicily.

Around 10 children are thought to have died.

ITV News' Lewis Vaughan-Jones reports:

Malta's prime minister Joesph Muscat warned that the Mediterranean was "becoming a cemetery".

Mr Muscat said migrants were fleeing the conflict in Syria:

The difference from last week's tragedy is that these people, instead of Somalia, they hail from Syria which makes the case even more complicated and shows the immense humanitarian tragedy that the Mediterranean is experiencing right now.

Dramatic video footage released by the Italian navy shows stricken migrants being rescued from the sea.

Officers can also be seen lifting a young baby on to a rescue boat.