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Do you know more about Wembley than an NFL cheerleader?

Kayla, Caitlin, Jessica and Talitha answered questions on Wembley's sporting and musical history Photo: FA

Four NFL cheerleaders have been tested on their knowledge of Wembley Stadium as the Jacksonville Jaguars prepare to take on the San Francisco 49ers there this Sunday.

Kayla, Caitlin, Jessica and Talitha were given a tour of the stadium, then quizzed on its sporting and musical history.

Kayla conceded the test was "pretty hard" but added: "The stadium is awesome and we're really excited to be coming to London to play over the next three years."

Here are the questions the cheerleaders were asked:

  • Wembley is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom. How many seats does it have?
  • In 2013, Wembley celebrated a special birthday. How old is the stadium?
  • After its closure in 2000, the new Wembley was opened in 2007. Who officially opened the stadium?
  • The Wembley Arch is 133 metres high and can be seen from all over London. Which London landmark could you roll underneath the arch?
  • Hodgson's England recently qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup by defeating Poland at the stadium. What was the score?
  • In terms of history and pageantry, the FA Cup Final is the equivalent of the Super Bowl in England. Who upset mighty Manchester City to win the 2013 FA Cup Final?
  • Wembley has always been famous for hosting the weird and the wonderful. In 1975, which American stunt driver jumped over 13 London double-decker buses?
  • Wembley is famous for being one of the most iconic music venues in the world. Which group are playing three nights there in summer 2014?
  • Including for referees/umpires, and to accommodate the NFL, how many dressing/locker rooms does Wembley have?
  • How many regular season NFL matches will be held at Wembley Stadium in 2014?