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Star Wars superfan auctions rare toy collection

Not a piece of junk! The Millenium Falcon, above, with its original packaging. Photo: Duke's Auctions

A Dorchester auction house hopes the force is strong among Star Wars fans around the globe today as it offers up an impressive array of memorabilia from the franchise.

Lot 24 is in near-perfect condition - though the box is a little on the dark side. Credit: Duke's Auctions

With life-size figures of Yoda and a Jawa, and many items still in their original packaging, Duke's Auctions expects the collection could fetch around £6,000 in total.

“When 900 years old, you reach… Look as good, you will not.” Credit: Duke's Auctions

Items are priced between £40 and £1,000, and are split into 50 lots.

The collection boasts some of the highly sought-after toys manufactured in the 1970s by firms such as Kenner and Palitoy.

Out of this world: The Star Wars Landspeeder, with its original packaging, will be sold today. Credit: Duke's Auctions

There is something for every Star Wars enthusiast in the sale and we expect demand to be high.

Some of the early items such as the Kenner manufactured model of the land speeder are now rare, especially in original packaging.

– Duke’s Auctioneer Matthew Denney
These aren't the droids you're looking for: A batch of Star Wars figures up for grabs today. Credit: Duke's Auctions

The unknown seller collected toys and memorabilia relating to all six Star Wars films, with an emphasis on the three original movies.

Retro: A 'Battle Damaged' X-Wing Fighter being sold in the lot. Credit: Duke's Auctions

This week a rare Star Wars figure that was originally sold for 99p fetched more than £10,000 at an auction in Teeside.

Lifesize Yoda: The collector amassed memorabilia relating to all six of the Star Wars films. Credit: Duke's Auctions