Brixton horse riders' journey from back-streets to meeting Queen

The Queen is shown around the Ebony Horse Club in Brixton. Photo: Heathcliff O'Malley/Daily Telegr/PA Wire

From the back-streets of East London to the front page of the Times: quite a journey.

From a derelict piece of Brixton scrubland, littered with syringes and condoms, to a polished, professional horse-yard: quite an achievement.

From hanging loose with other n'er-do-wells to riding in front of the Queen: a crowning glory for the kids of the Ebony Horse Club.

Ebony Horse Club was formed 17 years ago. Credit: Heathcliff O'Malley/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

Yesterday I was honoured to do the commentary as a dozen young kids, most though not all black, put their ponies through their paces for HM the Queen and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall, our active, committed, ebullient President-Patron.

The Duchess of Cornwall meets a rider at the Brixton club. Credit: Alastair Stewart

Today's papers are littered with pictures of the Royal Bentley and its Royal cargo, purring past the terraces of 'another county'. But this was 'their' Queen, in her land, coming to their borough to see some of their number perform Her sport .

Ebony was founded 17 years ago by Ros Spearing with the vision of getting kids off street corners, out of trouble and into the saddle and over 'jumps' of a more constructive nature. Her determination was energised further by the tragic shooting of one of her stars, Nathan Foster, over a gold chain.

That was then - this is now.

Ros Spearing, the founder of Ebony, showed the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall around the club. Credit: Heathcliff O'Malley/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

ITV London's award winning journalist Ronke Philips is a Patron and brings bucketfuls of love and commitment to Ebony.

I love kids and horses so it was a shoe-in for me and my wife Sally, who ferries kit and clothes to Ebony from some of our many friends in the sport.

Yesterday was an exceptional achievement for the club, it's army of supporters, including local MP Tessa Jowell, and many, many other friends.

The Queen, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall, meets local MP Tessa Jowell. Credit: Heathcliff O'Malley/Daily Telegraph/PA Wire

But, above all, it was an extraordinary triumph for the young people.

What I would have paid to eves-drop last night on a catalogue of conversations: 'You did what? In front of...yeah...Whatever...Really?'

A few little expletives permitted, how cool is that?