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Huey Morgan's mug smashing and five other celebrity storm offs

Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman Huey Morgan stormed off the BBC's music quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks after he smashed a mug on the panel desk.

The 6 Music DJ was on captain Phil Jupitus' team with MTV presenter Laura Whitmore playing the next lines round.

Huey Morgan got agitated by the next lines round. Credit: BBC Two

Rap duo Rizzle Kicks, who were presenting the show, asked Morgan whether he was okay and added: "You look so upset, man."

The Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman replied: "I just thought you guys might do something different for a change."

He later stood up and smashed the mug on the table in front of him.

Huey Morgan smashed a mug during Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Credit: BBC Two

Rizzle Kicks continued to make jokes about the incident, including:

Noel's team, you need five points to win but I'd maybe suggest not winning, otherwise Huey will get a bit cross.

As the show was ending, Morgan walked off and Rizzle Kicks said the show's credits would be dedicated to the smashed mug.

He stormed off the show before the end credits. Credit: BBC Two

Morgan is not the only star to walk-off a television show, here are five other misbehaving celebrities:

  • The Bee Gees' bust up with Clive Anderson in 1996

Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibbs stormed off Clive Anderson's chat show after they were left annoyed by several of his quips.

The Gibbs brothers said one of the names they had considered before the Bee Gees was "Les Tosseurs", leading Anderson to say they would "always be tossers" to him.

Barry and Robin stormed off minutes later after a tense interview and Maurice followed suit seconds later.

  • The Ordinary Boys' Preston storms off Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Never Mind The Buzzcocks has been at the centre of a celebrity storm off before when Preston from The Ordinary Boys got angry with presenter Simon Amstell.

The comedian read out extracts from the book of Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton, who was Preston's then-wife, leading the singer to walk off the show.

Team captain Bill Bailey decided to replace Preston with a member of the audience.

  • Russell Crowe's angry exchange on BBC Radio 4

The Australian actor reacted angrily when the interviewer on BBC Radio 4 suggested his accent in the Robin Hood film was a bit Irish.

Russell Crowe did not take kindly to his Robin Hood accent being questioned. Credit: ABACA

Crowe said the presenter had "dead ears" and later added he was a "little dumbfounded" by the remark.

He refused to answer the last question and instead walked out of the interview.

Watch the interview here. Warning: The clip contains strong language.

  • Paris Hilton's walk out on an ABC interview

Celebrity Paris Hilton walked out of an interview with ABC after she was asked whether her "moment had passed" and Kim Kardashian had "overshadowed her."

Paris Hilton stormed out of an interview with ABC. Credit: LuMarPhoto

Paris looked to her publicist before getting up and arguing over the line of questioning.

She later agreed to finish the interview with ABC.

Click here to watch the ABC interview.

  • Meg Ryan's awkward interview with Michael Parkinson

Although the Hollywood actress did not storm off Michael Parkinson's show, the awkward interview caused headlines across the UK.

The interview had progressively got worse until Ryan seemed to be taken aback by the accusation she was "wary of journalists."

Parkinson asked her "what would you do in the interview now?" Ryan replied "wrap it up."