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Commando convicted of 'execution' of injured Afghan fighter

The Royal Marines described the murder as an "isolated incident" that had provoked "profound regret". Photo:

A commando in the Royal Marines has been convicted of the shameful killing of a seriously injured Afghan fighter, described as "an execution" by his prosecutors.

The experienced sergeant, referred to as Marine A, was told he faces life behind bars subject to mental health reports for the shooting of the insurgent in Helmand Province in September 2011. He will be sentenced on 6 December.

Two other marines, known as Marines B and C, were both acquitted of the murder by the court martial board in Bulford.

ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers reports:

Some viewers may find images and words in the report disturbing.

Brigadier Bill Dunham, Deputy Commandant General of the Royal Marines, condemned the killing as "a truly shocking and appalling aberration".

In a statement released by the Ministry of Defence, Brigadier Dunham said: "It should not have happened and it should never happen again".

ITV News Correspondent Neil Connery met with a panel of experts in legal, military and mental health matters to discuss the impact of the killing:

Brigadier Dunham said such behaviour was not "consistent" with the Ministry of Defence's ethos, values and standards, adding:

It is a matter of profound regret in this isolated incident that one marine failed to apply his training and discharge his responsibilities.

It is now for the Royal Marines to consider any impact from this case on the training given to our people as we seek to uphold the very highest standards that we constantly strive to instill and perpetuate.

Still images and condemning audio recordings from the murder, recorded on another marine's helmet camera, were released after the two-week trial.

The judge prevented the publishing of the video footage that was shown to the court for fear of reprisal attacks on the UK military.

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