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In pictures: Devastation in The Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan

One of the worst storms on record has left a trail of destruction in The Philippines, with reports suggesting as many as 10,000 have been killed in one city alone.

Ferocious winds ravaged several central islands, burying people under tons of debris and leaving corpses hanging from trees.

Giant sea waves washed away homes, schools and airport buildings.

One survivor said people are "walking like zombies looking for food".

People stand among debris and ruins of houses destroyed after Super Typhoon Haiyan Credit: Reuters
Survivors stay in their damaged house after super Typhoon Haiyan. Credit: Reuters
Debris from homes are pictured near the fishport Credit: Reuters
A couple (L) asks fellow typhoon victims where to get relief supplies after Super Typhoon Haiyan. Credit: Reuters
Residents walk on a road littered with debris. Credit: Reuters
Typhoon victims queue for food and water outside an airport. Credit: Reuters
A boy who was wounded by flying debris due to Super Typhoon Haiyan stays at the ruins of his family's house. Credit: Reuters
Survivors walk on a road amidst heavy downpour. Credit: Reuters
An aerial view shows damaged houses on a coastal community. Credit: Reuters
Survivors carrying their belongings walk past destroyed houses. Credit: Reuters