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British typhoon survivor describes 'utter terror'

David Rose and his wife and daughters have been forced to stay with neighbours after the typhoon destroyed their home. Photo: ITV News
Bogo City resident David Rose shows Mark Austin how the typhoon has devastated the area. Credit: ITV News

A Derbyshire man living in the southern Philippines has told ITV News how his home was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan.

David Rose says he is fortunate to be alive after the roof of his house in Bogo City in Cebu collapsed and the family struggled to escape.

Mark Austin is shown the spot where David Rose's home used to stand until it was destroyed last week. Credit: ITV News

Now staying with neighbours, he spoke to Mark Austin:

We were trapped...I thought we were finished. Honestly, I did.

I thought the end was near.

– Philippines resident David Rose to ITV News