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Will there be a wintry spell of weather next week?

The weather's turning frosty

As the cold hit my head this morning I remembered that I forgot to buy 'that' hat at the weekend. For many, this morning was the first time we've needed to scrape the frost off the car windscreen.

This morning was the first time many have had to scrape frost off their car. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Archive

The lowest temperature last night was a chilly minus 3.5C at Benson, Oxfordshire.

Tulloch Bridge in Scotland still holds the record for the coldest temperature so far this autumn; minus 6.1C was recorded on 5th November.

Turning wet and windy

After a chilly and bright start for many the weather is already on the turn.

Cloud and rain is currently spilling into North West Britain and will spread south and east to all parts through the next 24 hours, with a lively batch of showers following shortly behind overnight into Thursday.

The weather is already on the turn for many. Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire

The wind will also kick in as it swings from the southwest to the northwest.

Gales will develop around coastal areas towards the north and west with gusts likely to peak at 60-70mph. This isn't unusual for this time of year and currently there are no warnings in place.

Snow Forecast

There's been some talk about a more wintry spell of weather next week and it's true that it'll be colder than normal but it's expected to be a typical late autumn cold snap.

Next week is set to be colder than usual. Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

On Monday and Tuesday across Scotland we are looking at snow falling over high ground, with a wintry mix of showers at lower levels.

As it comes southwards into England and Wales. the snow risk decreases, becoming confined to the tops of hills.