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A guide to safe cycling: top tips

After the deaths of five cyclists in less than a fortnight, there are questions about whether cycling is safe Photo: Reuters

The deaths of five cyclists in the space of nine days has raised concerns about cycle safety and whether enough is being done to help.

Today London Mayor Boris Johnson said cyclists and other road users should abide by the law and not take risks that endanger themselves and others.

Cyclists can help reduce their risk of being involved in an accident by following some simple tips Credit: ITV News

Transport for London (TFL) has a number of tips for safe cycling and also advice for drivers on how they can reduce the risk they pose.

  • Cyclists should ride a door's width from parked cars to avoid doors being opened in their path and ride in a straight line between parked cars.
  • Stay away from the gutter, and on narrow roads ride in the centre to prevent dangerous overtaking by motorists.
  • Stay back from lorries and other large vehicles and never undertake them on the left hand side in case they make an unexpected left turn.
Regular cyclists should consider wearing helmets although their main benefits are only in low speed collisions Credit: ITV News
  • Consider wearing a helmet - although it is NOT compulsory and offers limited protection in higher speed collisions
  • Always use lights after dark: white at the front and red at the rear. Consider carrying a spare in case one fails
  • Consider taking cycle training which may be subsidised in your local area
TFL says motorists should not enter Advanced Stop Line boxes which are reserved for cyclists Credit: Reuters

TFL points out that drivers can reduce collisions by changing their behaviour towards vulnerable road users and being more aware of cyclists.

  • Drivers should leave room for cyclists at junctions and traffic lights and should not enter Advanced Stop Line boxes which are there to keep cyclists out of danger zones
  • Give cyclists plenty of room to ride, keep a safe distance, and only overtake if there is enough space and time to do so in a safe manner
  • Always check there is nothing coming before opening your doors when stopped
  • Drivers - especially lorry drivers - should always be aware of cyclists and double check before turning