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Britain's 'unlucky 13' - most wanted criminals thought to be hiding in Spain

An "unlucky 13" of Britain's most wanted criminals who are thought to be hiding in Spain has been unveiled today, including the suspected leader of a £90 million cocaine smuggling ring.

Ian Stanton, 42, from Liverpool, is suspected of being a member of a drugs gang that tried to smuggle more than 400kg of cocaine into the UK hidden in a shipment of Argentinian beef.

The drugs were discovered at Tilbury docks in Essex in May.

Ian Stanton.

Daniel Bowes, 43, from London, who was allegedly a senior figure in a cocaine smuggling ring, acting as a go-between for the head of the gang with contacts and delivery drivers.

He is wanted on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cocaine between March 2011 and January 2012.

Daniel Bowes.

Stephen Blundell, 35, from Liverpool, is a convicted heroin dealer who ran a supply chain from his home city to Devon.

He was convicted of conspiracy to supply the class A drug but went on the run when he was bailed pending sentencing.

Stephen Blundell.

Daniel Dugic, a 32-year-old Serb, is also accused of trying to smuggle cocaine into the UK.

He is wanted for allegedly plotting a deal where a boat would meet a container ship in the English Channel to collect 255kg of the drug.

Daniel Dugic.

David Hewson, 31, from Liverpool, admitted conspiracy to supply cocaine but then went on the run last year.

He was jailed for 11 years in his absence in December for being a key player in a drug dealing gang that operated in Liverpool.

David Hewson.

Robert Knight, 52, from Walsall, allegedly helped to arrange for 6kg of cocaine to be smuggled to London Heathrow Airport on a consignment from the Dominican Republic in 2008.

Five others have been arrested and charged, and it is alleged Knight had telephone contact with them.

Robert Knight.

David Mather, 57, from Manchester, was convicted of conspiracy to import heroin after a lorry was stopped at Humber sea terminal in May 2010 and found to have 32 packets of the drug stuffed in the bumper.

He fled and was sentenced to 18 years in his absence in January.

David Mather.

Michael McCartney, 78, from Letchworth, was convicted of abusing three boys, grooming them by buying them expensive gifts before committing sex crimes.

He was found guilty of nine counts of indecent assault, indecency with a child and inciting sexual activity involving penetration in March 2013, and failed to attend court the following month for sentencing.

Michael McCartney.

Christopher Mealey, 37, from London, is accused of being a member of the same cocaine smuggling ring as Daniel Bowes.

The gang was allegedly involved in smuggling the drug from the Netherlands to the UK.

Christopher Mealey.

Robert Mortby, 26, from London, is suspected of attempted murder over an attack on a man outside a pub in Elephant and Castle, south London.

The victim was drinking at the Rose and Crown in July last year when he was hit over the head with a bottle and shot three times. Mortby is suspected of being one of his two attackers.

Robert Mortby.

Brian Thexton, 37, from Durham, is accused of being involved in robberies where a gang would tie up homeowners and force them to give up alarm codes and safe combinations.

In one the gang impersonated police officers to dupe the victims into opening the door, before brandishing a pick axe handle and a baseball bat.

He is also awaiting trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine, over claims that he was the middleman in the sale of half a kilo of the drug, and had admitted conspiring to steal cars and machinery.

Brian Thexton.

Keith Turner, 60, from Northumbria, was released on licence in 1993 after serving 20 years in jail for the manslaughter of his mother and sister at their home in Cramlington.

He got a job working for a charity in Slough in 1998, but two years later was arrested on suspicion of issuing himself four cheques worth a total of £10,000. He failed to appear in court to face charges.

Keith Turner.

Lee Willis, 30, from Ashton Under Lyne admitted possessing cocaine and cannabis in March this year but went on the run before he was due to be sentenced in June.

He is also accused of dealing the class A drug.

Leon Willis.