Cold snap will bring icy conditions but not much snow

Most of the UK will see frosty, icy conditions in the coming days Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

This cold snap will be short-lived and there will not be any major sleet and snow inland.

It will be frosty and icy - but that is about it for the time being.

Looking at the latest data, it is not looking as cold as it was meant to be.

Any significant snow will be restricted to high areas of Scotland, with some sleet and snow showers possible over hilltops of Northern Ireland tonight.

This temperature map for early hours of Wednesday shows is will be coldest in the South East Credit: Met Desk

In the next few days, there will be wintry sleety showers for parts of western England and Wales, mostly over the high ground, but no more than a dusting.

There will be no notable sleet and snow for the rest of us but it will be frosty and icy - temperatures will plunge below freezing - and it will be beautifully bright tomorrow.

Come Tuesday night into the early hours of Wednesday, the lowest temperatures will be across the South East.