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Man finally completes 1996 football sticker album and throws it into sea

Former Queen's Park Rangers player Gary Penrice was one of the six 'missing' from the sticker album Photo: Empics

A man who tracked down six players whose stickers were missing from his 1996 Merlin Premier League album has revealed he threw the completed book into the sea.

Newcastle United's Phillipe Albert in 1996 Credit: Empics

Adam Carroll-Smith discovered the album in his attic with six empty spaces.

He thought he had completed it as a child.

So the 29 year old from Southsea in Hampshire decided to track down the 'missing' players and ask for their photos to fill the gaps.

Former Blackburn Rovers winger Lars Bohinen Credit: Empics

They agreed and he finally added Gary Penrice of QPR, Lars Bohinen of Blackburn Rovers, Keith Curle of Manchester City, Philippe Albert of Newcastle, Scott Minto of Chelsea and Stuart Ripley of Blackburn Rovers.

Keith Curle was club captain at Manchester City Credit: Empics

But after completing it and writing a book about it, he decided to throw the album into the sea.

Former Chelsea and Charlton Athletic left back Scott Minto Credit: Empics

Mr Carroll-Smith told the BBC:

"It was a cathartic experience.

"My wife and I have just had our first child, so this was a symbolic way of showing I'd grown up.

"The sticker album was then and this is now."

Winger Stuart Ripley helped Blackburn win the Premier League in 1995 Credit: Empics