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Government survives Tory rebel attack on Army plans

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond defended the Government's plans to reorganise the Army and said there was no turning back Photo: Reuters

The Government has seen off an attempt by Tory rebels to delay plans to replace regular Army soldiers with reservists.

An amendment tabled by Tory MP John Baron was defeated by 306 votes to 252 - a majority of 54.

Rebels are concerned regular soldiers will be axed before there are enough reservists to replace them Credit: ITV News

The Government was concerned at one stage as Labour were voting with the rebels, but in the end it won comfortably with the help of some tactical concessions.

After the vote Mr Baron told ITV News he was "disappointed" to lose but said questions and concerns about the plans to reorganise the Army won't go away.

Under the proposals the number of Army reserves will be increased to 30,000 while the regular force will be cut by 20,000 within seven years.