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'Most boring 2014 calendar' sells its first copy

The Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales has been on sale since September Photo: DaybreakITV

The man behind the most boring calendar of the year has sold his first copy on Daybreak.

Despite the iconic subject matter, “The Fast Disappearing Red Telephone Boxes of Wales 2014” was not selling like hot cakes, according to its publisher Kevin Beresford.

However, Welsh presenter Aled Jones snapped up a copy of the 2014 calendar, saying he knew someone who would “love” the calendar for Christmas - before promptly giving it to his co-presenter Lorraine Kelly.

The 61-year-old started photographing mundane scenery after becoming fed up with the countless celebrity calendars filling the shop every year.

“I don’t tend do One Direction calendars. I do no direction calendars!” Kevin quipped.

He admitted he was “devastated” that he had yet to sell a single copy and had tried to work out the cause of calendar’s failure:

I was sitting in my front room on Sunday and I have a pile in my front room. I thought, I haven’t sold one. I try to be Devil’s advocate and thought, well, why haven’t I? Is it too mundane? Too humdrum? Too dull?

– Calendar publisher Kevin Beresford
Previous successes include "Best of British Roundabouts" which began with this roundabout in Lewes, East Sussex. Credit: DaybreakITV

His previous works include “Best of British Roundabouts” and “Her Majesty’s Prisons”, both of which were bestsellers.

“Best of British Roundabouts” proved so successful it spawned a sequel – “Roundabouts of the World”.

Mr Beresford explained: “I rely on roundabout disciples all around the world. I get emails all the time from people sending me their favourite one way gyratory!”Inspiration for mundane photos came in similarly mediocre settings. He admitted to having ideas when “sitting in the bath with a glass of wine” or when down the pub with friends.