SNP's blueprint for independence revealed

The White Paper on Scottish independence has been released. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The Scottish government has just unveiled its blueprint for independence ahead of the referendum in Scotland in 10 months time.

At 649 pages and 170,000 words - it is a manifesto from the SNP of their plans for Scotland if voters chose to split from the rest of the UK.

It confirms the SNP plan to keep sterling as its currency, to reduce corporation tax by 3%, to get rid of Trident, to renationalise Royal Mail, stop the roll out of welfare reforms and to keep the Queen as Head of State.

The White Paper said Scotland would keep sterling as its currency. Credit: PA

The document argues there are three "over-riding reasons" for independence.

It claims it could create a more democratic country, a more prosperous economy and a fairer society.

But - there appears to be little detail on plans for other taxes and how an independent Scotland would pay for the promises in the document.

For example, it claims an independent country could tackle Scotland's lower life expectancy but then goes on to say it would look again at raising the State Pension Age to 67 because "due to lower life expectancy, Scots currently enjoy fewer years in receipt of state pensions than pensioners elsewhere in the UK."

In a fierce debate about independence which is often about a decision of the head or the heart - this is the SNP's attempt to convince voters they "can afford" to be break away from the UK.

Polls currently show around half of voters want to stay with the union and around a third support breaking away.