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Ruby the Jack Russell named Pet Slimmer of the Year

A former rescue dog has been crowned the pet slimming champion of the year after shedding a third of her bodyweight.

Head nurse Lindsay Atkinson struggles to hold Jack Russell Terrier, Ruby, at the beginning of the challenge. Credit: PA Wire

Ruby, a Jack Russell Terrier, was morbidly obese at a whopping 9.1kg, making her more than 50% overweight.

Ruby, a former rescue dog, has been crowned the pet slimming champion of the year. Credit: PA Wire

After a six-month diet and fitness regime run by the animal charity PDSA, she has lost seven inches from her waist and weighs in at just over 6kg.

Ruby tries on her old collar on Daybreak, showing her huge weight loss. Credit: ITV/Daybreak

Ruby's owner Steve told Daybreak her initial weight gain was due to giving her treats - as a rescue dog the family wanted to spoil her and "she was quite thin".

Some of the other top slimmers include:

  • TJ - a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Edinburgh
TJ started at 34kg, making ehr around 70% overwight. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
TJ now weighs 26kg after shedding almost 8kg. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
  • Nyah - a Cocker Spaniel from Glasgow
Cocker Spanial Nyah was 29.8kg when she began the PDSA Pet Fit Club Challenge. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
Cocker Spaniel Nyah lost more than 20% of her bodyweight, with a final weight of 22.9kg. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
  • Mizzy - a Bull Mastiff from Derby
Mizzy was the biggest dog to have ever taken part in PDSA Pet Fit Club at 71.6kg. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
Mizzy has a spring in her step after losing over 10kg and is now a much slimmer 58.95kg. Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe/PDSA/PA Wire
  • Prince - a ginger and white cat from Derby
Prince lost 11% of his body weight during the challenge. Credit: Paul Reddington/PDSA/PA Wire