Little has changed since the Sandy Hook massacre

In Chicago you can find often murder scenes by listening for the anguished cries of loved ones.

Guns and gangs, and the political failure to tighten laws, are the perfect storm.

The gun violence is ravaging the city.

The grieving mothers are the most powerful advocates for gun reform.

But they feel abandoned by Washington, despite all the campaigning since the Sandy Hook massacre.

One community activist, weeping in frustration, told us that the South Side of Chicago feels like it's fending for itself, forgotten by city leaders and national politicians.

Gun violence is continuing to cause anguish across America. Credit: ITV News

We filmed the funeral of Brandon Torres, the 365th victim of gun violence in Chicago this year alone.

Thirteen more have died since his murder.

This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.

The shocking events were widely seen as more than a tragedy.

This weekend will mark the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. Credit: Connecticut State report

It was also an urgent wake-up call for America to deal with the 300 million guns on the streets of this country.

But, to Washington's immense shame, little has changed since that horrifying December morning when Adam Lanza opened fire in that Connecticut primary school.

Our experience on the streets of Chicago gives us little hope.

Every night, almost without exception, a bullet is fired, a young man dies and a family is destroyed.