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A rare look inside Nelson Mandela's personal archive

Nelson Mandela's passport. Photo: ITV News

ITV News has been given rare access to Nelson Mandela's personal archives that his charity foundation are keen to protect.

Private gifts, his passport, paintings and the rugby shirt he was given during the 1995 Rugby World Cup are among the items.

ITV News Presenter Mark Austin reports:

It also contains an extraordinary collection of priceless private papers and documents, including the first known picture of Mandela as a schoolboy and a prayer book taken from his time in prison on Robben Island.

The first known picture of Nelson Mandela when at school. Credit: ITV News

And on the other side of his long incarceration, his first official passport which was given to him on his release.

The shirt Mandela was given for the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Credit: ITV News

However, outside his charity's control is Mandela's famous face. His visage adorns everything from candles and scarves to t-shirts and posters across South Africa.

After his death Mandela is making many for others, some of whom view it as their right to use his image and fame.

Mandela's visage adorns everything from candles and scarves to t-shirts and posters. Credit: ITV News

In Soweto, screen printer Nthabiseng Letsoso said: "If Mandela will help me get a house or a piece of land by selling his face on a t-shirt, that's what I'm going to do."

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