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No show for snow this Christmas

The weather in the run up to Christmas has been wet, unsettled, and very windy at times. Credit: PA Wire

The run up to Christmas has been everything but Christmassy thanks to those two words becoming familiar talk around the office: the 'jet stream'.

It's currently sitting in the Atlantic shooting a succession of deep depressions towards north west Britain.

The jet atream is sitting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, at the moment. Credit: PA Wire

It will bring gales and heavy rain for the next few days, and early indications suggest that the very unsettled weather is set to continue through the Christmas week.

Even in Scotland, where people have seen some snow this month, the odds for a white Christmas are not good. Credit: PA Wire

Although snow brings a number of hazards, it doesn't stop that excited feeling just before you hesitantly peak through the curtains on Christmas morning wishing snow fell as we slept.

This year many can expect that familiar sigh of disappointment, and the bookies odds reinforce the expected forecast over the three festive days.

Scotland has seen some snowfall this month but even here William Hill are giving 6/1 in Aberdeen with London's betting odds now at 10/1.

There will be a lot of rain and wind, but we are unlikely to see snow this Christmas. Credit: PA Wire

I wouldn't be surprised if the odds go up further after this coming weekend's unsettled spell of miserable weather.

The wind will be the main feature with gales along northern and northwestern coasts.

Gusts are likely to hit 80mph across parts of northwest Scotland - conditions more like the middle of Autumn.

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