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Seven-year-old Jonathan He's tips for a successful Christmas

Seven-year-old Jonathan He returned to Great Ormond Street Hospital today to thank the staff who saved his life and taught him to cook.

The inspirational child, who received a bravery award from Prince Harry in September, had a condition that meant he was unable to eat for six months.

He appeared on ITV News at the time to talk about his royal meeting and took the opportunity to recite a poem he wrote about sausages, the food he missed the most.

And he melted viewers' hearts with his favourite song about monkeys.

Going back to the central London children's hospital today, Jonathan showed his gratitude to the staff who treated him for a condition called x-linked CGD, which has led to severe infections, long-term therapy and a high-risk blood transplant.

He also imparted his advice for a successful festive period:

  • 1. Keep the mood light by telling your own jokes

Like this one about mice:

  • 2. Don't overcook the food

Jonathan has these important pointers if you're planning a Beef Wellington:

  • 3. Get your plans in place for the New Year

Jonathan's include winning Junior Masterchef:

  • 4. If all else fails, sing Christmas carols with your sister

That should keep the adults happy: