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The five free Brits heading back to UK after Arctic protest

Five of the six British people being held in Russia over a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic have been released from prison and are heading back to the UK.

A sixth Briton, activist Frank Hewetson, has also been released and is travelling to another country.

Alexandra Harris, Anthony Perrett, Phil Ball, Kieron Bryan and Iain Rogers left St Petersburg today and will arrive in Paris this afternoon before travelling to London's St Pancras Station on Eurostar to be met by their families.

Here are the profiles of the five Britons due to return to the UK today after more than 102 days in prison.

Alex Harris

Alexandra Harris is among the Brits due to return to the UK. Credit: Greenpeace

The 27-year-old, from Devon, has worked for Greenpeace for two years as a digital communications officer.

The Arctic protest was her first at Greenpeace, and at the time she said she was excited to see the beauty of the Arctic first hand.

Anthony Perrett

Anthony Perrett, from Newport, South Wales. Credit: Reuters

Anthony Perrett, from Newport, South Wales, is a tree surgeon and director of a community interest company that promotes renewable energy.

The 32-year-old is committed to sustainable development and environmental issues, according to Greenpeace.

Phil Ball

Phil Ball is father to three children. Credit: Greenpeace

Phil Ball, 42, is described as a committed environmentalist who spends much of his time teaching his three children about the beauty of the Oxford countryside around where they live.

The Oxford-resident has been an active member of his local Greenpeace group since 2007, campaigning on a range of issues including forests and sustainable fishing.

Kieron Bryan

The Arctic protest was Kieron Bryan's second commission with Greenpeace International. Credit: Greenpeace

Kieron Bryan is a filmmaker and video journalist from Devon.

The 29-year-old left The Times in January 2013 to pursue freelance opportunities and was aboard the Arctic Sunrise to document Greenpeace’s work on Russian oil exploration in the Arctic Circle.

Iain Rogers

Iain Rogers. Credit: Greenpeace

The 37-year-old, from Devon, joined Greenpeace in 2010 aiming to protect the seas.

His family describe him as "tenacious, eccentric and unconventional".

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