Are you heading for your own personal economic recovery? Don’t bank on 2014 to deliver!

Consumer issues will be at the heart of Britain's public life in 2014 Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

At home: bills will be the bitter battleground. Internationally: 2014 will bring new clashes that could reshape the internet.

For us all, there will be exciting new products and trends. 2014 already looks like being a year where consumer issues will be at the heart of Britain's public life.

There will be more talk of economic recovery, but as prices rise and salaries stagnate, many families will struggle to find reasons to celebrate.

Energy prices could continue to rise in 2014 Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Many energy prices will start the year with a much-welcome reduction in green taxes - but they will still be going up.

January is expected to bring the winter's lowest temperatures and there are worrying signs that many vulnerable customers will ration their heating, terrified of the bills. Some research suggests that eight out of 10 homes will be "self rationing".

Protesters engaged in two days of direct action at the Cuadrilla site near Balcombe, West Sussex Credit: PA Wire

It is a dismal picture of Britain as it enters the New Year. Some believe the long-term solution will come from shale gas, and 2014 will see 150 new "fracking" licenses being given out across the UK. Next year we should get a clearer picture of how much shale there is under Britain - but also we will see the level of opposition to exploitation of the gas.

In 2014, increasing food prices will have widespread implications.

Some industry figures are predicting rises averaging 6 percent and our wages are not keeping up.

Demand for food banks is likely to continue its upward trend Credit: David Jones/PA Wire

This is certain to lead to the opening of more food banks. Already they are feeding almost 350,000 a year. The Government has so far failed to publish its own report into the food banks and there will be growing pressure for them to do so.

The industry will also face an overhaul, as cash-strapped customers continue to migrate to the "discount" supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi. In their fightback, the bigger stores will face some tough business decisions.

The big name supermarkets could increase the pace of their own discounting and cut profit margins, or they may try to fight on a "quality" differential. Either way, expect to see some big changes.

Household debt will be a central theme of 2014 Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Household debt will be a central theme of 2014. There will be a new organisation to regulate the industry, the Financial Conduct Authority.

Expect to see growing scrutiny of high-cost lending. The winners throughout recession have been pawnbrokers, doorstep credit firms, payday lenders and rent-to-buy companies. These will all be examined in more detail than ever - with a new parliamentary bill aiming to bring new controls on how they deal with customers.

It will be another big year for the pensions industry and the millions of workers who trust their money to it.

In 2014, even the smallest firms must start their own pension schemes as part of on-going reforms. It is unlikely to be trouble-free.

Unlike bigger companies, the smaller firms lack expertise and there are fears they will put employees' money into unsatisfactory schemes.

It will be another boom year for the companies that aim to get us compensation.

PPI text messages were a big theme of 2013, but is there another mis-selling scandal around the corner? Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

The peak of PPI claims may have passed - but look out for rising new banking scandals. These are likely to include "packaged bank account" mis-selling - where accounts were sold including add-ons like insurance and motor rescue plans.

There will be claims surrounding the financial advice banks have been giving, as it is emerging that some sales staff were too heavily incentivised by sales figures.

On the international stage, the internet will enter a new phase of developments. There will be more discussion about safety and privacy online with new products designed to protect consumers.

Sergey Brin, CEO and co-founder of Google, wears a Google Glass during a product demonstration Credit: Stephen Lam/Reuters

Internet giant Google will face a big test as the EU demands changes to reduce its domination of the search market, the early months of 2014 should bring the results of a long-standing negotiation between the company and regulators.

At the same time the "Google Glass" hands-free internet device will be the rocket fuel for the big new consumer category of "wearable technology".

By this time next year it is likely that you won't be just reading the internet - you will be dressed in it!