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Toddler who lost his legs to meningitis takes his first steps

Louie takes his first steps. Photo: DaybreakITV

A two-year-old double amputee has taken his first steps after losing both of his legs during his battle with meningitis.

Louie Jenkins was enticed into walking on prosthetic limbs by his older sister Francesca, who waved some of his favourite sweets at him to get him to walk to her.

The toddler had failed to walk in his prosthetic legs after wearing them for a few hours, but was convinced to go the extra mile when six-year-old Francesca stood at the other side of the family living room with the sweets.

Louie's first steps come as a relief to his family, who feared he would never walk again after fell ill on an evening in 2012 - he was sick and was running a fever.

Despite his mum Julie's best efforts to cool him down, Louie, then six months old, worsened dramatically when he went grey and floppy during an early morning nappy change.

He was rushed to the hospital and after a few days of treatment, underwent an operation to remove his legs.

The toddler also had to have all the fingers on his left hand amputated and the fingertips on his right hand removed.

Now Louie is able to walk over twenty steps at a time before he has to stop for a break.

He also has to have new legs every three to four months, funded by the NHS.

But the Jenkins have set up an appeal to help raise funds for the equipment Louie will need to maintain mobility as he grows up.

The Jenkins are looking forward to the future now that Louie is walking. Credit: DaybreakITV