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Mother who lost son in Iraq war writes to every fallen soldier's family

Carol Jones has written more than 500 letters of condolence to bereaved families. Photo: ITV News

Carol Jones admits that her late son John would ask her "what the heck she was doing", but after he was killed serving his country in Iraq eight years ago, she began writing cards of condolence to the relatives of every other British soldier who died on duty after her son.

She has written more than 500 cards to bereaved families since Seargent Jones, a father-of-one, died in 2005, and has vowed to "never stop"

Carol Jones' soldier son John was killed on duty in Iraq in 2005. Credit: ITV News

It was a letter of condolence that Carol received from another bereaved army mum that sparked the 67-year-old's mission.

Explaining how it felt to receive a letter of condolence from a stranger who had lost a son in similar circumstances, the grandmother told ITV News: "When you do lose your loved ones like this you feel very alone and I thought 'oh there's someone out there that's suffering.'"

He'd have very likely asked me what the heck I was doing.

John was like that! I didn't get involved with his army life, but I do now.

– Carol Jones

At her home in Warwickshire she keeps a box of the replies she has received. Many welcome the opportunity to share grief and almost all say thank-you for caring and understanding.

"It's nice when someone's said thank you for helping me through," she said. "Then I know my cards have worked.

"I'll keep writing my cards until I meet my maker. I'll never stop writing them.

"It would be nice if we could say there wasn't going to be anymore bereavements but I can't ever see it."