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Five of the most memorable Hollywood acceptance speeches

Gwyneth Paltrow's acceptance speech in 1999 is perhaps one of the most famous Photo: Reuters

British actress Jacqueline Bisset has gone down in Hollywood folklore for her rambling acceptance speech after unexpectedly winning the award for best supporting actress in a series, mini-series of TV movie at last night's Golden Globes.

Joe Pesci - Goodfellas (1991)

On winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Goodfellas, Joe Pesci delivered what is possibly the shortest speech in Oscar history: "It was my privilege. Thank you."

Julia Roberts - Erin Brockovich (2001)

Julia Roberts went for a different approach when she was awarded the gong for Best Actress in 2001.

She made certain nobody was going to take this moment of glory from her, even telling the orchestra conductor to "sit" to make sure that she would not get played off early.

Roberto Benigni - Life is Beautiful (1998)

Roberto Benigni's reaction to winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film can be described as nothing short of sheer joy.

In his eagerness to get to the stage, the Italian actor decided to jump across the seats surrounding him to collect his award.

Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook (2013)

The one thing you definitely DON'T want to do when collecting an Academy Award? Fall over on your way to the stage.

Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence was quick to recover from her embarrassment and was able to get on with her list of thank yous.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Shakespeare in Love (1999)

Arguably one of the most famous Academy Awards speeches in History.

Gwyneth Paltrow cried through her entire speech when she won the gong for Best Actress in 1999.

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