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One week on: Village still cut off after floods

Flooding around Muchelney. Photo: ITV News

Many people are still suffering from the last week's storms. The residents in the village of Muchelney have been left almost completely cut off and are living on a temporary 'island'.

One week after they were first marooned ITV News reporter Ben Chapman found they are still struggling:

Children get a ride in a boat to get them to school. Credit: ITV News

After getting a ride to school on a boat some of the village children are not sure if they are happy to be returning to the classroom: "It's good to get off the island, but it's not good to go to school, because think of all the fun you could be having on the boat."

Muchelney. Credit: Google Maps

Some villagers are having to ration their heating oil as the roads are still too flooded for the tankers to get through.

Chris Langham check the level on his heating oil. Credit: ITV News

Some residents fear that the floods are getting worse.

They're coming more often, lasting longer and they're deeper.

And people that have never been flooded before are being flooded now.

– Brigid Aita

The Environment Agency is warning that parts of southern England are still at risk of flooding, from swollen rivers and already saturated ground. Another heavy band of rain is due tomorrow.