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Schoolboy set to become youngest person to ski to South Pole

Lewis Clarke, 16 Photo: Lewis Clarke 2013

Bristol schoolboy Lewis Clarke, 16, is expected to become the youngest person to cross-country ski from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole.

The teenager is set to arrive at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station at around 3pm tomorrow after completing the gruelling 700-mile journey from the Antarctic coast, with the ambition of breaking the world record.

Lewis Clarke in his native Bristol Credit: Lewis Clarke 2013

Lewis, who is raising money for youth charity The Prince's Trust, is two years younger than current world record holder, Canadian Sarah McNair-Landry, who completed the trek in 2005.

The schoolboy said earlier this week: "My body has had enough. I am forcing it to go on."

Lewis says on his blog that he "hates hot weather and wears shorts in the middle of winter" Credit: Lewis Clarke 2013

Lewis set off on December 2 and has spent the past 46 days travelling on skis in temperatures as low as minus 40C and winds of up to 60mph.

The teenager has been accompanied by guide Carl Alvey during his adventure and has skied for an average of eight hours and 18 miles a day.

Expedition members in their quest for the South Pole Credit: Lewis Clarke 2013

Before taking on the challenge, Lewis had never cross-country skied before, nor had he any real polar environment experience. In February 2013, the schoolboy had to endure an intense polar training course in Norway to prepare him for the adventure.

Lewis stands near one of the tents he has been sleeping in Credit: Lewis Clarke 2013

Lewis plans to hold a series of post-expedition talks in 2014 with the aim of inspiring other young people to follow their dreams.