There's a plaice for us! Fun puns help brighten the high street

It is the time of year for my favourite competition - the national quest to find the slickest use of a retail pun.

In previous years we have had the "Curl up and dye" hair salon and the fish mongers "A Plaice for us" .

There seems to be less shop names that are unique, fun and distinctive. Credit: ITV News/Chris Choi

In the increasingly uniform world of clone high streets there is less and less that is unique, fun and distinctive.

The retailers who come up with shop names like these are a welcome antidote to the bland chain stores that occupy so much of our high street.

This years pick of retail puns:

  • The male grooming establishment - Barber Blacksheep
  • The glass retailer - Pane in the Glass
  • The cattery - The Pawchester Hotel
  • The kebab outlet - Licence to Fill

Please let me know if you have a nomination @chrisitv