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In pictures: 30 years of the Apple Mac

An aged Macintosh computer wishes itself a happy birthday. Photo: Reuters

Apple's iconic Macintosh - or Mac - computer celebrates its 30th birthday today.

The first ever Mac, released on January 24th 1984, made computing accessible to everyday consumers thanks to its mouse, a clickable graphic interface and understandable visual icons like the trash.

Here's what the first Mac looked like in 1984:

1984's Macintosh Pro. Credit: Reuters
The Finder window of the original Macintosh operating system. Credit: Reuters

In *1989 *Apple introduced its first laptop - the Macintosh Portable.

The Portable weighed around 8kg. Credit: Flickr / Ben Jones under Creative Commons

1991's Powerbook 100 was Apple's first laptop to bring the trackpad in front of the keyboard.

This Powerbook 100 has an external disk drive connected. Credit: Flickr / Gerard van Schip under Creative Commons
Customers shop at a 1995 Apple expo in Paris. Credit: Reuters

In 1998, Steve Jobs reinvented Apple computing with the introduction of the iMac.

The distinctive iMac had a USB drive instead of a disk slot. Credit: Flickr / Teppo under Creative Commons
TV presenter Jonathan Ross uses an iMac with his young children in 1999. Credit: PA
Steve Jobs introduces 2000 models of the iMac. Credit: Reuters

Steve Jobs launched the MacBook in 2006.

Steve Jobs demonstrates the first MacBook Pro - the first Apple to use Intel chips - in San Francisco in 2006. Credit: Reuters.
Today's MacBook Air is thinner and lighter than ever before. Credit: Reuters

The new Mac Pro - launched in 2013 - comes without a screen.

Phil Schiller introduces the futuristic-looking Mac Pro. Credit: Reuters
The Mac Pro is currently selling for between £2,499 and £3,299. Credit: Apple
The Mac Pro plugs in to a separate monitor. Credit: Flickr / p_a_h under Creative Commons