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Video shows child being pulled alive from Syria rubble

Nour Media uploaded the footage to YouTube yesterday and dated it from Wednesday. Photo: YouTube/Nour Media

Astonishing video has emerged of a young child appearing to be pulled alive from under rubble during the conflict in Syria.

The eight-minute footage, uploaded to YouTube by Syrian activists, shows a group of men scrabbling in the ground in a rebel-held district of Aleppo before being apparently alerted to cries from under the rubble.

Working in unison, they are seen clearing piece after piece of rock as the arm and then head of the child are exposed.

The group apparently become aware of noises under the ground. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
After furious scrabbling, the arm and head of the child is visible. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media

The toddler, whose face and orange clothes are caked in stony dust, appears initially dazed but breathing, before crying out while still lodged in the ground.

With the little girl carefully protected, a pick axe is used to dislodge the final pieces and the toddler is raised by the group.

A few men work to clear further pieces of stone and debris from the child. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
The child's face is seen covered in the dust of the rubble. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media

Nour Media uploaded the footage yesterday and dated it from Wednesday, a day after government air strikes were reported in the city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 10 people were killed in strikes on a rebel-held neighbourhood.

The ancient northern city has been under repeat attack from regime air strikes during the nearly three-year conflict, which is estimated to have killed more than 130,000 people, according to the Observatory.

Scroll down to see more images and watch the remarkable video:

Several men work to hold the dazed toddler while continuing to clear the rubble from beneath him. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
The child begins crying while still lodged beneath the earth. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
A pick axe is used to break apart the rock surrounding the child. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
Finally, with the final bits of rubble cleared from the girl's feet, he is freed. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
The rejoicing group rush to surround the girl. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media
The girl is helped into the arms of one of the men while the others celebrate his recovery. Credit: YouTube/Nour Media