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Couple's close shave with a wild bear caught on CCTV

Bob McKeown locks the door to his holiday apartment as the bear watches on Photo: Reuters

A Scottish couple had a lucky escape after passing just a few feet from a wild brown bear on a visit to California.

CCTV footage outside the couple's apartment in Pasadena shows the bear sniffing around the front porch as Bob and Irene McKeown are leaving.

There is no sound on this video

The couple walked straight past the bear without noticing. It wasn't until the creature took a swipe at Bob's calf with its paw that the couple reacted.

He recalls telling his wife to "stay in the car" before frantically trying to get back into the house.

There was a couple of scratches, a wee bit of bruising in the blood. I was very lucky. Never had so much excitement.

– bob mckeown
Bob McKeown was left with a small scratch on his calf Credit: Reuters

Locals say the bear is a regular in the community, where it has been seen eating rubbish and climbing over garden fences.