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Terrifying Russian security services raid captured on film

The city of Ksasavyurt, is located in Dagestan, southwestern Russia. Credit: ITV News

Video of a terrifying raid by the Russian security services as part of its crackdown on suspected Islamist militants has been released by the authorities.

The video, given to ITV News by the Russian security services, shows the raid on a flat in Ksasavyurt, located in Dagestan, southwestern Russia.

It appears to show a mother pleading with her daughter to leave the flat before the attack begins.

Warning: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing

The crying woman is heard saying, "Aika, you promised to mummy you would come out. I won’t bear it, you know my [poor] health."

Her daughter replies, "I don’t want to come out. I will die. I want to live alone. I want to stay to die."

The woman fails to convince her and is seen taking her granddaughter from the window before the assault on the building is launched.

Russian security services have carried out a series of operations in a bid to tackle Islamic extremism in the area before the Sochi Winter Olympics, which are due to start on February 7.

At least 34 people died in twin suicide bomb attacks on the city of Volgograd last month, raising security concerns ahead of the Games.

Islamist militants from the northern Caucasus region have threatened to target the Games, although there have been doubts about their capability to carry out attacks.

President Vladimir Putin, who has played a key role in organising the Winter Olympics, has increased security ahead of the event with an extra 37,000 soldiers and security personnel on standby.

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