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Boulders from crumbling cliff devastate 300-year-old barn

One giant boulder stopped metres before crashing into the main section of the property Photo: Tareom/Youtube

A 300-year old barn was devastated when several huge boulders broke away from a cliff face and rolled down a hillside in Tramin, northern Italy last week.

An aerial view of the devastated barn in Tramin, northern Italy Credit: Tareom/Youtube

The barn, along with farm vehicles and machinery were completely destroyed when four thousand cubic metres of rock plunged down a hillside. No one was injured in the incident, but the owner of the estate Baon Philipp von Hohenbühel told a local newspaper that the rockfall has done millions of euros worth of damage

One of the large chunks of rock stopped just a couple of feet short of the main house, narrowly missing a vehicle parked close by.

The cliff face that unexpectedly gave way Credit: Tareom/Youtube