New evidence of children caught in fuel poverty

More than two million.children are in fuel poverty, according to new figures. Photo: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Today we filmed with Ken, a single dad of three who says he has to ensure the heating is only on when the kids are home - even though he's ill and at home all day.

In blunt terms he describes the house as "a fridge".

There's been a worrying increase in the number of children who live in homes hit by fuel poverty.

Figures released to ITV News today show there are now almost half a million more than this time last year.

The research comes from a group called Energy Bill Revolution - a large alliance of children's charities, older people's groups, health and consumer organisations.

It calls itself the world’s largest fuel poverty campaign - and I suspect we will be hearing much more about it.

Ken Best and his son Robin have been hit by fuel poverty. Credit: ITV News

If you would like to see the wide range of groups involved see this link.

Here are the grim figures: There are 460,000 more children in cold homes than a year ago, bringing the new total to 2.2 million.

Around half of homes are cutting back on school equipment, clothing, or food.