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French cyclist, 102, breaks his own world record

A 102-year-old French cyclist has broken his own world record in the over-100s category riding 16.7 miles in one hour.

Robert Marchand received a standing ovation and was mobbed by the media at the finish line in France's new National Velodrome in Paris.

The record is more than 1.6 miles better than his previous best time two years ago.

The veteran rider was escatic at the finish, raising his arms while being supported by assistants.

Mr Marchand paid tribute to the public, claiming he could not have achieved the feat without their "incredible" support.

"You have to know there are people who came from 600 kilometres away to see me today. It is incredible. That's all I can say."

The veteran cyclist gets ready to start his world record bid.
Age has clearly not slowed Robert Marchand. Credit: Reuters
A shadow is cast by French cyclist Robert Marchand, aged 102, as he rides his bike. Credit: Reuters
Gerard Mistler (L), President of the Ardechoise Cycling Club, holds an information board for French cyclist Robert Marchand, aged 102. Credit: Reuters
French cyclist Robert Marchand reacts after breaking the record. Credit: Reuters
Marchand set a new record, cycling 16.7 miles in one hour. Credit: Reuters