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Biker's last wish to be buried on his motorbike fulfilled

Billy Standley is lowered into his grave on his 1967 Electra Glide cruiser Photo: EBU

A biker from the US state of Ohio has had his last wish fulfilled after he was buried sitting on his beloved Harley Davidson.

Billy Standley first hit on the idea some 18 years ago when he was considering which son to leave his motocycle to.

Hi daughter, Dorothy Brown, recalls him saying: "What am I supposed to do, I've got two sons, only got one bike."

She continued: "My sister just off-handedly said 'oh dad just be buried with it'."

Fulfilling Billy's last wish was far from straightforward, not least because the cement septic tank needed to accommodate his bike was far too large for an ordinary burial plot.

His sons built the transparent casket five years ago and Billy would proudly show it off to visitors at his home in Mechanicsburg.

After his death at the age of 82, five embalmers were enlisted to prepare his body and to secure him to the 1967 Electra Glide cruiser with a metal back brace and straps.

Billy was towed to his final resting place on a trailer in convoy with other bikers.

A younger Billy Standley with his Harley Davidson motorcycle Credit: EBU

Bill was a ranch hand in his youth and went on to work as a rodeo rider before settling down to start a family in Ohio.

His daughter said the motorcycle allowed him to retain a sense of adventure: "He could go anywhere on that bike he wanted to. My dad was a man who had the wanderlust."

Some funeral guests were reportedly "speechless" at Billy's unconventional request, but most were not surprised, with one remarking somewhat enviously: "Gonna be hard to top this one".

If we had ever asked Dad for anything in his lifetime, something special, Dad would do his best to do it for us. So this is all we could do for him.

Some people walk through the pearly gates, some people ride.

– Billy's daughter dorothy