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'Neknomination' backlash sparks online kindness craze

South African man Brent Lineque has challenged his friends to perform random acts of kindness. Photo: YouTube.

Internet users are attempting to harness the popularity of the social media drinking game linked to the death of two men in Ireland to encourage random acts of kindness instead of binge drinking.

'Neknominate', a game where people neck a pint of alcohol and dare their friends to do the same, has been condemned by police, politicians and health experts.

Yesterday, the family of a teenager who died after taking part in the game appealed for the craze to end.

As the backlash against the game continues to grow, a new trend called #RAKnomination has emerged. The aim of the game this time is to use social media to spread kindness and charity, and to nominate others to do the same.

It appears to have been started in South Africa, but video posting have started to appear from the UK, Ireland and in Australia, where the original game #Neknominate is thought to have originated.

Brent Lineque, who posted his video last week before the two deaths in Ireland, said he wanted to show how "South Africans do Neknominate" better. Writing on YouTube, he said:

I've decided to create something positive out of the random global phenomena of NekNominations. Downing a can of Castle Light is easy... imagine if we all harnessed the power of social media to make a real difference in peoples lives.

This inspired others in South Africa to perform similar stunts. In one of many films posted, YouTube user Travizeo's filmed himself giving a homeless man a hot drink, and his jacket. He describes in the video:

So this is my new friend David. Here is a hot chocolate for your David. And here is a sandwich and some extra chocolate. And actually before I forget, I know it is getting really cold out here. My dad give me this jacket, and there is some sugar in it. I hope this keeps you warm tonight.

In Ireland, where two young men died after reportedly taking part in a 'Neknomination' a group of students started 'COPnomination' where they challenged each other to perform a creative and positive act and film it, and then dare their friends to do the same.

Explaining why she was taking a stand against the deadly viral trend, Mela Niie said:

All it is really doing is reinforcing our binge drinking culture in Ireland. The C for creative, O for original, and P for positive. The internet was supposed to make us more connected and actually we are more disconnected than ever.

'RAKnominations' have quickly spread across the globe, and many have posted their videos showing or explaining why they are getting involved. Writing on YouTube, Samuel J Taylor said:

It seems like a far more helpful and thing to do rather than nominate each other just to down ridiculous drinks. I don't nominate anyone in particular, but if you feel inspired to do this, please do.