Fourth big 'wave' storm of the season set to hit

Waves break across the length of the sea wall in Dawlish earlier this week, more is on the way. Photo: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

I've lost count of how many bouts of extremely windy, wet weather we've had in the last couple of months - but this is the fourth big 'wave' storm of the season.

After a ridiculously stormy winter so far - another deep area of low pressure will be barrelling in over the next few hours and we'll be in for yet another walloping by the end of the night.

There will be more substantial rain tonight so the flood situation remains serious - particularly through southern counties.

Winds will whip up everywhere with coastal gales. The strongest winds will be howling across the south and south-west with the potentially damaging 80mph gusts bringing a risk of disruption.

The worst of the conditions are expected in those parts of the country already devastated.

The tide is lower than previous storms - but that won't make much difference. The notable swell and strong winds will mean big, battering and dangerous waves will lash the south west once more.

The weekend will offer little if any improvement - it will stay windy and after a sigh of relief tomorrow morning with some early spells of sunshine in places, hefty intense and blustery downpours will become widespread.

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