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Somerset resident battles to save his house from flooding by building a clay wall

It is hoped the makeshift clay wall will act as a barrier to protect the house.

A man has built a giant wall out of clay and soil around his house in the village of Moorland on the Somerset Levels in a battle to stem rising flood waters surrounding his house.

Sam Notaro's home, which was built four years ago, is completely surrounded by water.

The area around the house is completely flooded.

Yesterday, he told Channel 4 News: "We hope to win, we're trying to save the house if we can....we've just got to try, it's the only thing we can do".

View from the air: the house is surrounded by flooded fields Credit: ITV News

Today, Sam father's Joe spoke of his fears that the work is too little, too late, adding that losing the house would be "a disaster".

Blaming what he said was red tape, he said: "Months and months ago, we could have done this work".

"They're wasting money on all these reports, they wanna to get real. We've trying to save the birds..badgers, rabbits....what we want to do is save our village.

He added: "They want to get focused on the infrastructure of the country, we're getting underwater."

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