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Somerset village nearly empty after residents evacuated as flood waters rise

Flooded Somerset village of Moorland is almost empty after residents were evacuated. Photo:

Marines and police have helped to evacuate residents in the Somerset village of Moorland after their flood defences were breached.

Hayley Matthews, who lives in the village, says she has "lost everything".

Ms Matthews told ITV News:

I'm now living in a caravan, my kids are living with their grandparents and we're just spread everywhere and there's just devastation.

I've lost my house, I've lost my family, I've lost everything.

ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers reports from the village:

The village saw floodwater rise by up to a metre (3.3 feet) in a few minutes just after 1.30am this morning, according to Somerset County Council.

Most of the residents of Moorland have been evacuated.

One resident managed to stop the water by building a giant wall of clay around his house.

Sam Notaro's home, which was built four years ago, is completely surrounded by water but he has so far managed to keep most of the water out with his last defence against the rising water.

Sam Notaro's home, which was built four years ago, is completely surrounded by water.

Some residents refused to leave despite the police warning.

Nick Ball, who lives on the edge of Moorland, said that while there are only a handful of people remaining, the people who do want to stay are "determined to stay".

Farmer Jenny Winslade said she did not think people were "refusing" to leave, but that it was more a case of logistics.

"They're just worrying about their pets, they're worried about...if they can hang on as long as they can. I just think that they can't see any other way of doing it."

Marines had tried to hold back the rising waters and worked through the night and this morning placing sand bags and shoring up flood defences, they also helped with the evacuation of residents.

Royal Marines from 40 Commando help to place sandbags to protect a property in Moorland, Somerset. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

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