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Boatyard owner's tough dilemma of helping her neighbours or protecting the family business

Video report from ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn

A boatyard owner has been left with the difficult decision of either helping her neighbours or trying to protect what is left of her 30-year-old family business.

Jenny Beagle has seen her boatyard workshop destroyed with the rising water ruining engines and tools.

An engine in the boatyard workshop is left under water after the floods in Shepperton. Credit: ITV News

Residents in Shepperton, Surrey, now want vehicles to drive through the flood waters to deliver much-needed sandbags to the area.

However, if vehicles do travel through the water, there is a danger that the boats could be knocked over.

Ms Beagle fears her boats could be knocked over if vehicles deliver sandbags to residents. Credit: ITV News

My livelihood is going down the drain, we've been flooded since December and everything is just going.

I've got residents...who need help and no one is coming to help us. They're desperate for sandbags but if they drive the vehicles through, they will knock the boats over.

Christmas Day, we started flooding, I was in here [the boatyard] Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, all the way through.

– Jenny Beagle

Ms Beagle, who has run the boatyard for around 12 years, told ITV News the business was first hit by the floods in December.

Jenny Beagle said the business was first hit by floods in December. Credit: ITV News

She said seeing the workshop ruined by the water was "absolutely devastating" and "soul destroying."

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