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Russian daredevils film ascent of world's second tallest building

Russian daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov have captured on video the moment they scaled China's new tallest building - the second tallest in the world.

The pair waited until the day of the Chinese new year to capitalise on reduced security at the 632-metre Shanghai Tower before making their ascent.

Under the cover of darkness and wearing hoodies and face scarves the pair are seen at the very start of their illicit climb, gaining entry from what appears to be a street-level car park.

In the vertigo-inducing footage, the pair are seen climbing without ropes or safety equipment to the 120th floor before scaling a crane on top of the building - a further 18m.

In a post on his blog Vitaly explains the pair spent 18 hours at the top of the building, sleeping and waiting for better weather to take in the spectacular view.

The view from the top of the crane being used in the construction of the Shanghai Tower. Credit: Vitaly Raskalov

The tower, which is currently under construction, is due to be completed later this year. The architects behind the project say the tower will "complete the world's first super-highrise precinct.

Aware of the strict Chinese law, we prepared carefully and picked an appropriate date, the Chinese New Year day. At that time the security was less watchful, workers were on vacations, and cranes did not work.

We got to the crane at around midnight. It took us almost two hours to get on the 120th floor by foot. And also, we spend almost 18 hours on top of the building, sleeping and waiting for better weather. The result you can see in our new video.

– Vitaly Raskalov
The pair high five at the end of their ascent. Credit: Vitaly Raskalov
The Shanghai Tower is currently under construction and is set for completion this year. Credit: Vitaly Raskalov
The view above the clouds en route to the top of the tower. Credit: Vitaly Raskalov
The climbers completed the ascent without any safety equipment. Credit: Vitaly Raskalov