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CCTV shows hapless 'robber' undone by his bank heist haste

So... what happens next? Photo: RTV

A man accused of a bank job in the US could be the most hapless robber in the world.

CCTV footage released of the supposed heist shows a man walking away with his arms full of money - shortly before dropping it all on the floor.

With no bag to put the swag in, the video shows the suspect grabbing a nearby umbrella and frantically filling it with the cash.

But according to police in the Washington suburb of Laurel, his bad luck didn't end there.

The suspect frantically tries to put all the money into an open umbrella. Credit: RTV

As he made his getaway from the scene the police deployed "stock sticks", puncturing the suspect's tyres, according to NBC Washington.

When he tried to flee from the vehicle the man, named as 42-year-old Robert Williams, reportedly slipped and fell on a patch of ice, cutting his head in the process.

A mug shot released by the Laurel Police Department after his arrest shows Williams with a bandage on his head.

Laurel Police Department released this mug shot of the suspect. Credit: RTV/Laurel Police Department