Clegg v Farage EU debate: Will the other party leaders join in?

Nigel Farage said he would accept the challenge during a radio interview today Photo: John Stillwell/PA Wire

Nigel Farage is up for it, ready to debate the UK's membership of the EU with Nick Clegg. This throws up all kinds of interesting questions. Will the others join in?

Ed Miliband and David Cameron don't want to. Number 10 have, slightly sniffily, said the Prime Minister is too busy dealing with the floods and sorting out the economy.

A Labour spokesman said "The priority for us is to ensure that there are debates agreed between the two prospective prime ministers of the country – Ed Miliband and David Cameron - at the time of the General Election. Anything else will be a matter for negotiation after that is agreed."

Nick Clegg has let them off the hook by saying this debate should just be between the two party leaders who have clear views on Europe.

Nick Clegg set out the challenge during his weekly radio phone-in Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

But I wonder if Ed Miliband is tempted - it would put the PM in a bit of a spot. It also begs the question how does this affect the leaders' debate at the next General Election?

Mr Farage is knocking at the door.